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A few weeks ago, my friend called and told me that she thought there was a mouse in her house.

I went to her house to try to help her. We searched around the floorboards, in the cabinets, around any entry points, and any pile of debris we thought could house one. We saw no hair, droppings, or mouse-related damage. We put out some baited traps and waited. After a week we had caught nothing. We eventually rented a blacklight to search for urine stains or anything else that would indicate there was a mouse. We couldn’t find any evidence at all to support the thought of there being one.
I asked her why she thought there was a mouse in her house, and she said that her parents and all her older relatives all thought there was. She asked me to prove that there was no mouse in the house. I thought for a moment and realized I couldn’t. She took that to mean there must be a mouse. I took it to mean there probably wasn’t one.
Yesterday she called to say she thinks there’s a God.

Written by nelsonlu

January 29, 2014 at 1:21 pm

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