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Election 2012

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Here’s a rundown of why I’m voting the way I am in 2012. In the Missouri Senate race, I’m voting for McCaskill. I don’t even think I need to explain why, considering she’s running against a frighteningly ignorant misogynist.

For President, I’m voting Obama. Here’s what I like about him:

  • He supports equal rights and the ability to marry regardless of sexual orientation
  • He supports a woman’s right to choose
  • He supports universal health care (though I know I’d like him more if he supported single-payer universal health care) — and I’m not talking about the ER
  • He realizes regulation is absolutely essential for the economy to operate properly
  • He believes the role of government is to assist those who need the most assistance
  • He supported a reasonably aggressive plan to get us out of Iraq, and seems to be leaning toward peace with Iran
  • He supports clean energy and thinks it’s a better way forward than oil
  • He understands the importance of preserving our land and environment for future generations rather than using it to get us out of a temporary hard spot

Here’s what I don’t like about him:

  • He’s far too comfortable killing foreign civilians in drone strikes
  • He signed off on a bill allowing indefinite detention of American citizens without a trial
  • He’s against legalization of marijuana

So he’s not perfect. But even in the areas I don’t like about him, I feel like he’d do a better job than Romney.

Thankfully, I’m in a nice position here in that I can find good in either candidate winning. My sense of social justice and altruism will be pained if Romney wins, but I think I’ll benefit financially. So I’m trying to remain upbeat. I’m glad we don’t have a Palin or a Bush to worry about this time around. Romney is bad, but he’s not a far-right moron.

What is truly disturbing this election cycle is how many insane whackjobs there are on both sides spreading lies about the candidates. I think I just need to boycott Facebook on election years. There are some disturbing people in the fringes.


Written by nelsonlu

October 16, 2012 at 9:06 pm

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